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"Eye of Newt"


This short story has been published in Dread Imaginings and is based on a friend's real-life encounter with a North Georgia witch. Intrigued?

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Potato Soup Journal Volume 1: "Kissing Frogs"


I'm honored to have my story included in the best of 2019 from Potato Soup Journal. Please consider ordering this anthology of 70 short stories from writers all around the world.

Jasmine appreciates everyone's concern after her pre-Halloween break-up. She has always resisted falling into any preconceived notions of how she should act, and her friends' Disney Princess group costume is no exception. By setting herself apart from her well-meaning group of friends, will she feel even lonelier at this low point in her life or will she stand out as the independent spirit she's always been?

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Chicken Soup For The Soul: Mom Knows Best


My essay, "Money Well Spent," was published in Chicken Soup For The Soul: Mom Knows Best. This piece is about getting my 84-year-old mom an iPhone and how it has changed the way she handles everyday tasks; including how she communicates with her family.

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"Amazing Grace In Scrubs and Comfortable Shoes"


My essay was published in Sweatpants & Coffee, a literary site that is "a bastion of comfort and sanity in an often uncomfortable world."


Mascara alert - this is an essay about a moving experience with hospice.


This flash piece was published in the Thirteenth Annual Ultra-Short Edition of the Binnacle.


It was such a challenge to write a story in 250 words. "Ancestry" is a moving exchange between a girl and her memory-impaired grandmother. You can read it by purchasing a copy using the link below.


The Binnacle, although the literary journal of Coastal Maine, publishes work from artists and writers from around the world.

Excerpt from Bentleyville


An excerpt from my unpublished first novel, Bentleyville, was published in the 21st Volume of the Seven Hills Review.


Featuring the meeting between main character Heather Royce and the new girl who hip checks her off her top-dog pedestal, hopefully this short passage will give readers a solid sneak peek of the entire story.


Seven Hills Review is an annual publication of the Tallahassee Writers Association.

"The Christmas Birthday Conundrum"


I was honored to have my light-hearted essay published by the prestigious parenting publication Brain, Child Magazine. My mom would argue that I'm way too sensitive about this subject, but seriously, how anyone with a birthday during the holiday season doesn't wind up on a therapist's couch...

"The Clouds Over Molokai"


My short story, "The Clouds Over Molokai," was published in The Grand Central Review. It's about a man who has been hiding out as he struggles with the loss of his fortune. Then an old rival tracks him down...


The Grand Central Review bills itself as an online literary journal promoting "interesting writing done well." They hope to bring together writers from all genres and styles in a celebration of quality writing for its own sake. I urge you to read this terrific journal, which publishes fiction, poetry, reviews, essays and art.

"A Cup Half Full"


Published on after winning one of their quarterly flash fiction contests, this piece is a quick read. Modern day romance taking place in a coffee shop.


A friend commented "ah.... sweet. Celebration of life in the coffee line. Excellent."

"Meet the Founder of the Beltline Lantern Parade"


Atlanta INtown published my article on Chantelle Rytter, Founder and Captain of the Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons, who is responsible for starting this now-iconic event.


The best thing about doing this story? Rytter invited me to a Krewe party in the lantern building space in Ponce City Market. I even met Beltline rock-star Ryan Gravel and then proceeded to make a fool of myself by asking to take his photo. Oh, and I found out no Krewe party is complete without, you guessed it, marching band music.

"Devil's Night"


Of all the short stories I've written, this is my favorite.  Here's the beginning:  "The last person I expected to see being marched into the Summerville, Georgia jailhouse in a bunny costume was my old babysitter, Genevieve.


The Maine Review is a quarterly compilation of short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and essays, carefully blended to create a well-rounded reading experience for lovers of literature. It features artwork by Maine artists on the cover of each issue and writing from well-known and new and emerging authors from around the world.

"Last Respects"

Published in Issue Six of The Southern Tablet, "Last Respects" tells the story of an old woman attending her dead sister's wake. Sounds somber - it isn't.


The Southern Tablet is a journal dedicated to the musings of southern writers, including "adopted" ones, like me. I encourage you to link to the journal so you can read "Last Respects" and other great stories and poems.

"Slaying Dragons"

This short story was published in Torrid Literature Journal (Vol. XI): The Butterfly Effect - The Power of Art and is available for purchase on Kindle or in print through Amazon.


It is a story about reality intruding on a man's dreams, both of his current life and how he remembers his childhood. I urge you to purchase this volume so you can both read my story and support this amazing literary journal, which is dedicated to contributing to the overall growth and preservation of the culture of literature.

"A Connection Lost, Many Made"

I wasn't the first person to get targeted by this now-familiar email hack, but it was before most people knew of the scam, so a lot of folks really thought we needed their help. It made me think about the different forms of, and how many, caring friends and family I have had all throughout my life.


This essay was published in The INtown Atlanta Paper, Quest For Kindness blog, and my hometown paper, The Leader and Kalkaskian. Click on the link below to read it.


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